finally clean! with Zap Cloth!

What if you could get your windows, kitchen, bathroom, vehicles
– pretty much anything, even the greasy jobs – CLEAN?  REALLY CLEAN!

Streak Free * Finger Prints GONE * Spotless * Lint Free * Beautiful

What if you could do it without chemicals? And without rags, sponges or paper towels? and SAVE MONEY!

What if you could do your cleaning in less time with a better result?

The Zap Cloth does all that and more!

Zap Cloths are made with uncommon threads. The threads are Zezo-fiber – a type of nanofiber.

According to WikiAnswers, “nano” essentially means “really small. Divided into a billion parts. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. A nanosecond is one billionth of a second.”

The threads that make up the cloth are uncommon as you get streak-free, spot-free windows, mirrors and it also cleans any other surface. The cloth is simple to use. You just wet it, wring it and clean with it!

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ONLY USE WATER – Zap Cloths uncommon threads make it so that it doesn’t require any chemicals. The cloths are reusable, replace paper towels and other types of cleaning cloths. Zap Cloths are also environmentally friendly! Great for every room in the house, for windows inside and out, washing vehicles, RVs & Boats. The fiber created from the uncommon threads leaves an awesome, streak free finish for any type of metal or chrome.

It is streak free, spot free, lint free and ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, NEVER streaks Glass, Mirrors or Windows!

NEVER Use Window Cleaner Again! It polishes as it cleans.

USE ONLY WATER: Stoves, computers, TVs, Mirrors, Glasses, Cars, Rims, Tile, Plastic, Granite, Stainless, Chrome, and Much More!

REMOVES: Bugs, Tar, Grease, Fingerprints, Brake Dust, Soap Scum, Dirt and Dust.

Zap Cloths can be used over and over again. The uncommon threads that make up the zap cloth are extremely durable. Just clean in the washer and hang to dry and your Zap Cloths will go on working time and again. It saves you money on cleaning supplies, paper towels and other cleaning cloths.