Zap Cloths change the way we clean!

5 Ways to Replace a Dingy Rag for a Zap Cloth

Most of us have a pile of old torn shirts or stained rags we use as household cleaning towels lying about the house. Maybe your rags are in the laundry room or under the kitchen sink. We all have our hiding spots for dingy so called cleaning cloths. Everyone except the germ-a-phobic will keep a cleaning rag around. However, the person who is uber afraid of germs will still opt in for cleaning the house with a sheet torn off a roll of paper towels. Let’s face it, regardless of what type of towel or rag you choose to wipe spills down with or disinfect counters with, most likely we aren’t getting things as clean as we believe. We also use way too many household chemical laden cleaners just to feel like we achieved a special kind of clean.

Enter in, the Zap Cloth, it handles spills and wipe downs with ease because it is made to work on nearly any surface. The Zap cloth can be used on stainless steel, walls, plastic and even wood surfaces. The cloth is designed not to scratch or leave thousands of little tiny fibers all over a surface either. This handy cloth can be used in the shed, on the boat, in the kitchen, bathroom or even on your automobile – inside and out. Wiping down the dash from dust, or wiping off the windows for finger prints or that lovely dog slobber our fur kids love to leave behind after their ride to the park. Nothing is more annoying that wiping down the shiny parts on a dashboard only to find out that, when wiped the smudge gets bigger because old rags or a paper towel can’t lift the residue off the surface properly.

People who have tried zap cloth say it is effortless to use and can be reused again and again. So here are some “no brainer” reasons to try and use Zap Cloth:

Five Ways to Use Zap Cloth

  1. Mirrors & Windows – use Zap Cloth for a streak free shine on any mirrored surface and really clean your windows without any chemicals at all!
  2. Stainless Steel – use Zap Cloth to lift fingerprint marks from appliances
  3. Wood – use Zap Cloth to wipe away dust or residue on any wood surface. It’s especially good around door frames and light switches where many dirty fingerprints are.
  4. Plastic- use Zap Cloth to make plastic surfaces clean and free of dirt
  5. Vehicles & Motorcycles- use Zap Cloth to clean and shine your vehicles and motorcycles.

I think you are getting the point on how effortlessly your next cleaning will be with a Zap Cloth. This cloth will replace all the other dingy rags and costly rolls of paper towels. Our cloth is reusable saving time and overall cleaning costs.

How does a Zap Cloth save you money on cleaning costs? Well, our cloth is reusable which saves you time from buying rolls of paper towels in bulk, lugging them home and wasting them on wiping up spills. What’s even better is you can forget all about keeping and laundering dingy cleaning rags that hold germs.

A Zap cloth only uses water- yep, it’s really all you need to clean a counter top, stove, walls and more- when you are ready toss it in the wash, hang it to dry and you are ready to use this versatile cleaning cloth time and again. Clean your home, car, motorcycle or RV without a drop of soap or chemicals with Zap Cloth.

That really is a good deal considering one cloth is reusable hundreds of times and usable on all surfaces without streaks, every time.


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