Cleaning Grease in the Kitchen – YUCK!

The delicious meal filled the tummies of your family and created smiles of gratitude…now it’s time to confront the mess in the kitchen…

And, there’s grease everywhere – yuck!

zap cloths easily clean grease

The grease spreads, you have to wash it many times, and then it’s on your hands, the sponge and smeared elsewhere.

…to make it worse, someone always touches the fridge, the walls and maybe even the light switch before it’s tidy again.

Grease on Bar-b-q’s, stoves, pans and other appliances is the worst as you’re never sure if you got it all spotless.

More than likely you have an arsenal of chemicals to cut through the grease – but nothing seems to really do it.

One of the best features of Zap Cloths is the ability to pick up grease and hold it in the cloth.  It holds the grease without ever letting it get anywhere else – such as your hands, the sink, the faucet handles, counters, etc.

Because of the nano-fibers, that are 200 times smaller than a human hair, the zap cloth works like a little vacuum cleaner.  It pulls the grease in and doesn’t release it until it’s washed out.

Imagine the time it saves you?  a few wipes and you’re done, without grease on your hands.

Imagine the money a zap cloth saves you?  Dump the arsenal of cleaners, the paper towels, the pile of rags – just one zap cloth that uses only water to work it’s magic!

Try a Zap Cloth, it’s better for you and the environment!


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