Distributors Wanted

Zap Cloth Distributors Wanted
Lucrative Business Opportunity

Selling Zap Cloths is an excellent opportunity to earn extra or full time income.

Our best selling Zap Cloth remarkably cleans any surface and YOU can be getting this cleaning cloth to others to help them save time and money.
The most profitable venues in which to sell the zap cloths are at flea markets, festivals, home, boat, motorcycle and car shows where you can actually demonstrate the product.

Value House USA works with you one-on-one to help you be successful.

At a busy market with a good presentation, daily sales of over $500 are not uncommon. Even in tough economic times, this product is an excellent seller because it does everything we claim. It also saves people time, work, and the best part- MONEY!

Not only can you make instant cash, your list of repeat customers will steadily grow. Many will thank you for selling the products to them.

We have tools and training to help you to be successful. We have instructions on how to set up your display and helpful printout signs to draw attention to your table.

Please contact Value House USA to Become a Distributor NOW!