Zap Cloth at Value House USA cleans better than chemicals

How To Save Money On Cleaning Supplies

With winter slowly coming to a close and spring cleaning right around the corner you are probably starting to think about stocking up on all of those cleaning supplies. It may surprise you to know that the average family spends about $600.00 a year on cleaning supplies, most of which are not reusable (paper towels, floor cleaning supplies, window cleaner and more).

What if you only needed one simple cleaning supply to clean your entire home from top to bottom and that cleaning supply is one simple cloth called a Zap Cloth?

What Is The Zap Cloth?

If you are like many people you are probably wondering what in the world is a Zap cloth. A Zap cloth is a cloth made from zero-fiber thread (or nano threads). These threads are extremely uncommon and make the cloth able to be reused time and time again. All you need to do is throw this cloth in the washer to clean it and then hang it up to dry. This cloth can be used to clean any surface in your home, washed dried and then used to clean something else.

What is so Special About the Zap Cloth?

As you know there are many reusable cloths on the market so you probably want to know what makes the Zap cloth so special. The answer is pretty simple and unbelievable. The fibers that make up this cloth allows you to clean any type of surface without the use of chemical cleaners (or even organic cleaners)

All you need to do is wet the Zap cloth, wring it out and start using it. The damp cloth itself will clean off grease, dirt and grime, fingerprints, dust, soap scum and even bugs and tar without any other cleaners needed. No detergent, soaps, chemicals or anything else besides the water on the cloth.

This cloth will clean windows, mirrors, glass, stainless steel and chrome. At first these surfaces will be damp, but they will dry quickly leaving behind a completely streak free shine.

You can use this cloth to clean your appliances, counter tops, tiles, plastic, computers, and walls and get them all sparkling clean. If you wash your floor on your hands and knees you can even use the Zap cloth to clean your floors as well.

Outside Uses

The Zap cloth is not just used for cleaning the inside of your house. It can be used for many uses outside as well. Clean off your patio furniture, Your outside light fixtures, and even your BBQ grill. In addition, you can use the zap cloth to clean your car from top to bottom even the rims.

Since Zap cloths may not be sold in your location, you can order this magical cloths online at The cloths come in packages of 4, 8 or 12 and you may even get an extra zap cloth or more thrown in free with you order. So if you are looking for a great way to save money on those cleaning supplies, why not out Zap cloths?

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