Old fashioned prices for high-quality High-Tech Zap Cloths


To ensure we are on the same page, let’s define innovated:  Innovate means “make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.”  It also means “introduce (something new, especially a product).”

The point is that the zap cloths on www.valuehouseusa.com are innovated by both definitions.  We’re introducing a new way to do something that everyone generally does.

Our Zap Cloth looks like a thickish piece of white cloth, but it is made of very tiny microfibers called zezo fibers.  Because of these fibers and the way it is made, it is an exceptional cleaning product.  There are no chemicals infused in the cloth, and no chemicals needed to make it work.  You just get it wet with water and start cleaning – cabinets, tiles, chrome, marble, plastics, the kitchen, the bathroom, the car, the RV, the boat.  It’s great on glass because it doesn’t leave streaks.  It leaves no spots, smears, lint or dust and polishes as it cleans any non-porous surface.

Four of these cloths costs $20, which is a great investment, because you can use them over and over again.  When they get dirty just throw them in the washing machine.  You will definitely save more than the $20 on the cleaning products you no longer have to buy within the first few weeks of use.

Think of the good you are doing for the environment when you use these cloths to clean.  It means less waste (paper towels, rags) in the landfills, and less chemicals added to the soil and water supply. Not to mention the money you save by not buying paper towels and cleaning chemicals.

As more and more people start using these cloths, they find more uses for them. An artist said they are the best way ever to clean frames and the glass in frames – always a problem for artists.  Another person found they were excellent for cleaning screens – TV, computer, cell phones – especially since they leave no streaks.  You will find your own favorite uses for them.

We have been selling Zap Cloths at Value House USA for 5 years now and in five years there have been NO RETURNS.  We only have happy customers that not only re-order but also refer friends and family.


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