Save time cleaning with Zap Cloths from Value House USA

Spring Cleaning – The Reason Zap Cloths Work

The weather still has a slight chill, the leaves are growing on trees and the first flowers are blooming!  It’s wonderful weather for taking long walks, visiting parks and even sitting outside in the evening.  It’s not too hot, not too cold and just perfect for many activities.

It’s also the time for Spring cleaning…

Which would you rather do, clean or enjoy the nicer weather?

Save time cleaning with Zap Cloths from Value House USA

You can do both!  Save time by cleaning with a Zap Cloth!

Instead of using the detergents, buckets, gloves, scrubbers and other cleaning gear, a Zap Cloth will clean most everything, rapidly.

The best things about a Zap Cloth are: 1. You don’t have to use poisonous chemicals, 2. You only use just water, 3. Rinse and use it over and over and 4. You clean with a smile on your face because of how fast the work gets done!

Cleaning has a whole new meaning with Zap ClothsI took a bucket of water with a zap cloth and was able to go around my house and clean the windows in about one hour.  The windows were crystal clear and stayed that clean for many months.  Compare this to chemical window spray (that never seems to get it clean enough) and lots of paper towels.  You save money, time, effort plus it’s good for you and the environment!

There’s another wonderful use for Zap Cloths that saves time, money and in some instances having to repaint areas in your house: Easily clean the dirty fingerprints around door handles, door frames and light switches without wearing down the paint or taking the paint off.  Just a few swipes in the area with a Zap Cloth and presto! It’s clean!

dusting is fast with a Zap ClothDusting? Do it with a Zap Cloth.  It not only gets done faster but stays clean longer.

Need to clean stainless steel appliances?  Use a Zap Cloth.

Greasy stove, pots and pans?  Zap Cloth not only cleans it but the grease just disappears – you don’t feel it in the cloth.

You can even attach a Zap Cloth to your mop to do the floors.  I once did an experiment.  I cleaned a section of floor with alcohol.  Why not, right?  Alcohol is suppose to pick up germs, dirt, etc. and it did.  The cloth was dirty.   Once dry in the same exact section, I cleaned the floor with a Zap Cloth.  Guess what?  It picked up more dirt!

Nano technology is used to create Zap ClothsThe reason Zap Cloths work so well is because they’re made out of NANO fibers.  Nano fibers are about 200x smaller than a human hair.  The cloths are able to pick up dirt, germs, dust, grease and more like a little vacuum cleaner.  The fibers are so small that they get into spaces that other cloths can’t.

This is such good news for you!  Not only can you clean faster and safer but it also lasts longer because it got up old grime and dirt.

This is a perfect way to accomplish your Spring Cleaning super fast – leaving yourself plenty of free time to enjoy the wonderful Spring weather!

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