Cleaning has a whole new meaning with Zap Cloths

Uncommon Threads Create a New Way to Clean

Stinky cleaning solution odors are a thing of the past. A new product has been created with uncommon threads called nanofibers or zezo fibers. The product is called Zap Cloth.

What a wonderful product it is. You can do the same cleaning work in less time, without offensive smells or rolls of paper towels or rags or whatever you were using. Zap Cloth requires only water to get your kitchen, car, bath, etc., shining.

The cloth has not been treated with any chemicals. It is the fibers themselves that do the work. You just get it wet, wring it out and start cleaning. When the surface dries, there will be no spots or streaks or pieces of lint left behind. Zap Cloth polishes while you are cleaning. And you can put the cloth in the washing machine and let it air dry and it will be like new. You use it over and over again.

It’s great for cleaning mirrors and windows, your car or RV or boat, sinks, tiles, the TV or computer screen and many more things that may be difficult to clean. It will remove bugs, grease, soap scum, fingerprints, food particles, tar and of course, dust and dirt from glass, tile, steel, granite, ceramic and painted wood surfaces and more.

The uncommon threads do the work. You just get it wet, wring it out and clean.

You will save a bundle on cleaning supplies and paper towels, and these Zap Cloths are very green – environmentally friendly. You won’t be pouring harmful chemicals into the water and you won’t be filling landfills with cleaning paper or rags. Your house won’t smell like cleaning chemicals either. These chemicals can be allergens, so not spreading them around the house, car, RV or environment will be great for those afflicted with allergies. Clean water and the uncommon threads of Zap Cloth replace bleach and ammonia and whatever brand you spray on your shower tile.

These wonderful little cloths can be obtained by visiting to the Zap Cloth page.

Here are some things that users of Zap Cloth have said:

“I dampen this cloth, ring it out, then wipe down my windows. They will be wet when you are done wiping but will dry spotless. I’m always amazed. Oh, and, hallelujah, this cleans my stainless steel with just water and takes off all water spots and streaks. Thank you to those who make this product.” LS

“I bought a set and got a set free last night at the LA County Fair in Pomona, California. Came home and tried one out. It was unbelievable! It did exactly what I was told it would do! It cleaned spots off painted woodwork, window frames, doors (plastic and wood), walls (flat paint and semi-gloss) , the refrigerator, the oven door, varnished cabinets, mirrors – all with just water, as promised. Haven’t been outside yet to get to the cars. I spent more time cleaning that my husband has seen me do in years. I need more for family, friends and relatives in Italy!” KJG

“You know, I tried the zap cloth and if it didn’t work I was going to bring it back. I did my windshield and with just a few wipes it was CLEAN! I really LOVE this cloth!” G.U.

“I told the salesman that if the Zap Cloths didn’t work to eliminate streaks then I would be bringing them back to him. I tried the Zap Cloths on both my house and car windows and was happily surprised to find that they left no streaks! I really didn’t believe it till I tried it! Nothing else – and I mean NOTHING ELSE – eliminates streaks. I’m very happy with Zap Cloths!” PSD

“I washed my entire vehicle with Zap Cloths without using chemicals or soap! Not a single water spot was left on it. Thank you!” L.L.

There are many more testimonials of people who were skeptical until they tried Zap Cloth. After they tried it, they were won over. There’s just no reason to use other cleaning supplies when these are so easy to use and so much better for humans, pets, and the rest of the living planet.

They are a very reasonable inexpensive price – you really get a great product that lasts for a long tie. Visit the Zap Cloth Specials Page to order now. It will be worth your while.


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