Do space-age car washing with a zap cloth

Wash Your Vehicle in 1/4 of the Time!

Have you ever washed your car, truck or van in your driveway?

First you wet it down, then you suds it up, then scrub it and then rinse it off.  Once rinsed you have to hurry around the vehicle to dry it so you don’t wind up with water spots.

Then there’s the inside: inside the windshield, the steering wheel, dashboard…on and on.

You probably have a bunch of different chemicals and solutions that you use, gloves, paper towels (for the windows), rags, sponges, special cloths, etc.

Then, your shoes get wet, pick up dirt and no matter how careful you are, it winds up in the house.

Of course, you can go to a car wash and get your vehicle detailed at a higher cost while wasting valuable time waiting.

…Or, use a Zap cloth…

Just fill a bucket with water and grab a zap cloth or two.  As fast as you can wipe down your vehicle, you’re done.

Zap cloths work for the inside upholstery, windows, vehicle and even the rims!  You get a sparkly, shiny, polished-looking vehicle in moments.

Not only that but you save time and money – to do more of the things that you really want to do!


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