zap cloths at Value House USA give new innovations for the home

Zap Cloths – New Innovations for a Better Life

Where can you find new innovations for a fair (make that low) price?  We definitely deliver high quality at bargain prices here at  We have started off with Zap Cloths which are really quite valuable, selling for reasonable prices that will even allow a customer to try the products without thinking we are wasting money or might get ripped off (which we won’t).   As we find more new innovations, more products will be added to the website.

Our goal is to sell great stuff such as new cleaning methods.  We try many products but only the best get onto the website.  If the new product falls short of our expectations, it falls short of the website, too.  So you can count on the products you buy from us.

The best-selling new innovation on the website is the Zap Cloth.  These amazing little cloths will replace all your rags and paper towels AND replace your harsh smelly cleaning products like bleach and ammonia. All that is needed is water and a Zap Cloth.  You can clean anything – grease, kitchen spills, dirt, dust, soap scum, fingerprints, whatever makes your surface undesirable.  You can use it on any surface. It is especially good on glass and mirrors, as it leaves no streaks, but also use it on chrome, kitchen surfaces, bathroom tiles, brushed metal, cars, boats, the RV, plastic, granite, stainless steel – whatever needs to be cleaned.  One artist said zap cloths were the best ever product she had found for cleaning picture frames and glass – and cleaning those had been a problem for her for years.  Click to read many more reviews and testimonials.

Zap Cloths are made from zezo fibers which is a type of nano fiber.  Truly a new innovation.  It lasts nearly forever because when it gets dirty you can put it in the washing machine and the zap cloths pop out as good as new, with just as much cleaning power as they had originally, because it’s the fibers that do the cleaning, not added chemicals.  Zap Cloths are very environmentally friendly – no chemicals involved at all.  Just water and a little cloth.

The price on Zap Cloths is unbelievably good – two cloths for $10.  You could make that back in the first week from the money you no longer have to spend on cleaning products at the supermarket.

As we find more new innovations, in whatever field, more simple and useful products will appear on the website.  It may take some time to find new products, but we only want the best.  That is the idea – it’s called Value House USA and if a product doesn’t meet our strict requirements, it doesn’t go on the website.  Check back often to see what’s new.

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